Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To be the leading research network for advancing and building quality long-term support for older adults across all settings.


Improve care & quality of life: To enable older Ontarians with long-term needs to live to their full potential, through evidence-informed care delivery and decision-making.

Create a research network: To build a collaborative research foundation that strives to improve the quality of long-term care support across all settings.

Disseminate knowledge: To disseminate patient-centered research that will inform practices and policies to promote the delivery of equitable care across the province.


  1. Synthesize evidence to inform optimal care for those with LTC needs across care settings
  2. Develop and test innovative practices with the goal of creating tools and assessments that may be used to standardize and improve care in residential settings
  3. Assess older adults’ and their caregivers’ needs to determine the alignment of care provided after influential events (e.g., post hospitalization or after LTC application)
  4. Use provincial-level data to map care journeys to: i) identify variations in care and the impact on outcomes; ii) identify predictors of optimal outcomes, and; iii) inform the organization and delivery of health care
  5. Establish collaborations between QUILT Network members and stakeholders to form a strong platform for conducting and translating research with the aim of improving care for older adults with LTC needs